(Drift) Trike Part 2 – Custom Nitrous install and upgrades

A number of things have been fixed and upgraded on the trike since the first blog post as well as the beginnings of a Nitrous Oxide system because the trike wasn’t already dangerous enough…

Continuing from the last posts list of items here are the ones that have been sorted:

Front brakes:
Trike now has a set of bike front brakes which do assist somewhat in slowing it down. (They weren’t really designed for 70km/h+)

Front brakes


Exhaust has been mounted:

Previously the trike didn’t have an exhaust and just fired straight out of the engine which was very loud and obnoxious. To fix this issue the exhaust from a Pit Pro was slightly modified in order to fit. Both the seat and clutch had some clearance issues.


Shifter lever has been changed:

Previously the trike had the original shifter from the Atomik quad which required leaning over the seat to pull the shifter which was quite dangerous.

Shifter v2.0 worked alright but go in the way of things and with such a long throw made finding gears difficult.

Shifter 3.0 got a shorten, changed to near vertical and a new gear knob which so far has been much better.

Electric start:

After pricing up parts it was decided that an electric start was not worth the money or effort. In order to get around the issue of the kick starter we removed the kick starter and now just roll start the trike which has proven to be much easier and negates the need for electric start.

Fuel tank:

Fuel tank was moved from the rear of the bars to the front and a vent pipe added to stop excess fuel spraying back.

Wheelie Bar:

A wheelie bar was fitted for safety using a wheel form a kids scooter and a bit of scrap 2″ box. This allows for about 2″ of lift on the front wheel and saves flipping the trike which will becoming more important when the N2O system is fitted.

Nitrous Oxide:

After seeing several small nitrous kits available for pit pro’s/atomik bikes such as this one I became interested in adding N2O to the trike however was willing to shell out the money for the pre made kits.

At some point I had the thought of using a whipped cream dispenser which uses food grade N2O as the source and storage container for N2O.

I already had an electronic solenoid that I had purchased for a project that never got started so I set about building the custom N2O system.

A brass fitting was taped into the S bend after the carbie as the delivery point and the solenoid mounted/zip tied under the seat.


A small lead acid battery was added at the rear under the seat to fire the solenoid which is wired to the electric start switch on the handle bars as I’m not going to be using electric start any more. This allows easy access from the throttle.


The final piece of the puzzle was mounting the whipped cream dispenser which was accomplished with a large hose clamp and a few slits in the back of the seat.

While not the prettiest of solutions it is quite functional and allows easy access to crack the N2O bulbs into the tank.

I am currently awaiting delivery of some N2O canisters to do some real testing but early results have been quite promising. There was some concern about the motor leaning out when the N2O shot was triggered however the carbie seems to run quite rich so should allow for the extra available oxygen.

If not we will find out when the motor cooks 😛


Stay tuned for Part 3 with some high speed N2O runs…

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