Lounge TV Mounted

After having the TV sitting on a coffee table for months I thought it about time to get it up on the wall.

Network and aerial were already running down the wall so they were just pulled back up from the wall plate and re-terminated.

Power is being run down with an extension cord in the wall currently until I organize something better.

Network, aerial and power cables in wall.
TV mounted up and power routed through face plate on the wall.

Cupboard Rack Build

When the house was getting built I made sure to get power and a phone jack run into the top of the linen cupboard in anticipation of networking, storage and home automation requirements .

It quickly became quite a mess with cables hanging everywhere so it was decided it was time to clean it up and get it into a rack.

From top to bottom:

24 port patch panel

Linksys 24 port smart switch

3RU case containing Netgear ADSl modem, Router Station Pro and PSU’s

1RU blanking plate with 3x 20w per channel class D amps.

(To Drive Bathroom, kitchen and deck speakers)


Still a bit more to do on cable tidying and I’m going to get some blanking plates to cover the bottom up and then possibly build a second rack next to it to house the NAS and drives.

Before the rack/tidy up
All cleared out
Racking the amps into a 1U face plate
First parts racked up
Everything racked up
Everything racked up and powered up

Spa TV Install

After the speakers were installed it was quickly decided that we best have a screen as well.

I had a spare 17″ lcd lying around which I paired with a Raspberry Pi running XBMC.

12v and VGA run from the back of the screen back to the main rack keeping all the mains voltage well away from the bathroom.

The wall before we began
Hole all cut out
Bracket, cables and plaster in place
Raspberry Pi to drive both the screen and ceiling speakers. Screen is via a HDMI -> VGA converter through the roof.
Initial testing
Tinted glass and tiles in place

All Finished including chocolate stains from the kids…


And Youtube video of it up and running:

Bathroom ceiling speaker install

Wasn’t long after I moved into the new house that I knew I wanted some sound in the bathroom while enjoying the spa bath so I got to cutting some holes….

Cables run through the roof back to the main rack where they are powered by a cheap class D chip amp.


Ceiling Speaker
First hole cut
Both speakers installed
Bathroom chip amp